Finnish companies and individuals are well known for their inventions and efforts to improve security. This connected with excellent competencies on mobile and open source technologies gives a unique standpoint for companies with Finnish operations. Finland has also a national brand of creating trustworthy, reliable and efficient operations and companies. This gives FISC members an excellent starting point when creating their products and serving their customers.

FISC has nearly 70 member organizations. Most of them are small or medium-size companies concentrating purely on information and cyber security technologies, but also large multinationals having information security related operations in the country, are welcomed.

The main target of FISC is to improve cybersecurity and support its member organizations’ activities in the following areas: increase cross-border activities, promote public-private-partnerships, conduct market surveys, enable national depth and width of high-level education and dialogue with national and international regulatory bodies.

FISC co-operates with the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries and all relevant national IT and security-related institutions.

The organization is governed by Board of directors and every member has their nominated personal vice members. Operationally FISC is headed by the executive director (CEO). The executive director is supported with Executive secretaries and working groups.

Each important operation sector has either industry or operation specific team or executive secretary. FISC owns separate non-profit-business called Cyberlab. Cyberlab promotes and operates as an umbrella framework for internationalizing FISC members.